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      About me
      For a start a few random things I love...

      Sunshine, sunset, french press coffee, pointers (especially my dog, Borka), friends, travelling, hiking, variety, honesty, analog photography, songbirds...

      I've been a professional wedding photographer approx. five years from now, and I feel very lucky that every year more and more of you give me the opportunity to shoot the biggest moments in your life.

      I was always interested in photography, during my childhood and in my high school years, but I've never thought that I will see all of these extraordinary people in front of my camera every day and call it my profession

      How am I working?
      Where am I working?
      You feel that you don't know how to pose for the camera?
      How am I working?
      I usually use two camera bodies, a lot of different angles, and a bit of extra light on weddings. (less is more) Beyond the basic technical expectations I feel the most important thing for me is to have a relaxed, personal atmosphere with my clients. I usually work alone, but you can hire me with my husband, Oláh András, for double angled shoots from 2020.