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      Undercover happiness

      This photoshoot was inspired by the experience of one of my dear collegue had: she was asked by a gay couple to create the flower decoration for their ceremony – or as I like to call it – for their moment-of-happiness, but they emphasised that the decoraion should be toned-down, because the couple was afraid of the reactions. Feeling ashamed or being afraid of becoming ridicoulous because of a wedding?

      During this photoshoot we were able to show the unconcealed love between two people – regardless of their sexual orientation. This true feeling of love which everybody desperately needs in this alienated and increasingly impersonal world.

      I don’t want to close the case of gay marriages with the simple fact that they can’t be legally married. I think this topic shouldn’t be considered as outrageous in 2018, in Hungary. I would like to see people become more tolerant and empathic. I hope everybody will take the courage and time to recognize that these people have the same feelings. The feelings which are honest and uncontrollable – the same as anybody else’s love.

      Szabó Luca, My Dear – Wedding & Events

      Video: Daniel Buday
      Decor: Kifli és Rezeda ,Woodland Wedding Decor
      Stylist: Dorka Kormos
      Couple: Mátyás TürQlnolise MajorRoland Korponovics
      Article: Roland Korponovics
      Cake: Illatműhely- Cukorszirup by Lucita
      Organiser: My Dear -Wedding & Events -Szabó Luca